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Healthy Eating Out

healthy eating out
Eating right from young
IT WAS one of my proudest moments – allowing my daughters the option to choose any food at the local food markets where special chocolates and cakes, nuts and sugary snacks abound, and each of them choosing one red capsicum each to enjoy instead.

Many times the easiest way to eat a healthy lunch is to take your own because you have control over what you made to put into your lunch bag.  However, I know that going out is fun as well and by taking a little time to look over your choices, most times you can still manage to eat a relatively healthy meal if you work at it a little.  Watch the video to get some ideas.
Eating Out Healthy

Disease Prevention For Kids

disease prevention for kids
Should Sex Education be taught in school?

I was wondering if Sex Ed is really helping the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. And why if teens are learning about HIV/AIDS and STDs are there still so many of people transmitting the diseases. Isn’t Sex Ed supposed to help?

I am starting to think that Sex Ed is just there to inform teens of sex and how you CAN protect yourself but I don’t think many teens are getting the big picture that abstinence is your best way to protect yourself. And I really don’t think kids in high school really want to learn about it either. I myself didn’t care for it.

What are your thoughts on Sex Ed and should it be taught in school?
I think it all depends on the parents because I don’t think kids are going to listen to a teacher who they’ll probably never talk to again after the semester. Parents are the key I think.

From what I’ve seen and read…the teachers are already giving their students “hands on” instruction in sex education.

Lyme Disease in children …an epidemic! TEAM LYME fights to support kids with lyme

Healthy Eating On The Road

healthy eating on the road
My fiance is a truck driver and constantly on the road. How can he eat healthy?

At the truck stops the food choices are mostly grease buckets and burgers. Subways aren’t very common and the Burger Kings don’t have salad choices that most do.

I’ve been a long haul and local truck driver for 6 years. I pack healthy foods at home (like left overs) in Tupperware and place them in my truck’s fridge or plug-in electric cooler. I used to be gone for about 5 days at a time and I had healthy food for at least 3 of the 5 days. It also cuts down a lot on take out expenses. Because of the constant sitting for 14+ hours a day he needs something without very much starch or carbs. A week full of pasta with sauce-won’t be very healthy. But it is very hard trying to find something one likes a lot. I know. My wife tried for months to find foods I would enjoy and it was hard. So we decided on one dish of Pasta, one dish of salad (add cheese and croutons if he wants the extra flavor), canned products (like non condensed soup) a week. As for snacks this might sound different but if you have an oriental isle in your super market check out their snacks. I found so many snacks there that are very low in calories, healthy (at least healthier than americanised snacks like fruit roll ups). Some snacks will be tasteless but others would be really filling. Think negative calories like celery. It’s negative calories because you spend more calories eating it than you do consuming it. As for meats, he can have deli meats although it has calories and some might argue it is very unhealthy. Meat replacements-canned beans. How do you heat up your food without a microwave? Easy. Have him put his windshield defroster heater on full and place the dish/can/box on the heat outlet on the dash. It gets really hot so drive with your windows open for about 10 minutes. I place it on the dash for 10 minutes before I plan on stopping with windows open-presto-your food is now hot. Next, fluids. Water is the best of course but I used to drink a can of 355ml Minute Maide Orange juice every morning and a V-8 every lunch. I began losing weight very slowly after all of this and I was sitting for 15 hours day. As for exercise, every brake check I would power walk twice around my truck and trailer (I used to run mountains Alberta and BC so lots of brake checks). While watching TV in the back I would use my dumb bells (20lbs each) until I was soar. I find exercising boring but when I watch TV I barely noticed it.

I hope this helps. And just so you know I had asked this question years ago and had received everything I told you here from the dozens of responses I received. Now I run only locally and am at home every night. I do the same though. I have healthy snacks, canned products or leftovers, and plenty of water. Lots more exercise though since I usually switch trailer 4 times shift on switches. Oh and pop is the worst-need caffeine drink coffee. For some reason us men lose weight faster when pop is eliminated from our diets than women do-go figure. If he needs cream-beware. Those flavored creams (hazlenut, irish cream, etc.) are really calorie full. Choose regular milk.

Kelly Olexa VLOG Healthy Eating On The Road

Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions About Your Current Health Status

What is your current health status?

Come on, be honest with yourself. If you don’t admit where you are now, how will you know where you want to be?

Let’s answer some questions that can help you with our starting point.

1. How many pounds am I over my ideal weight? Now folks, this may not be quite as bad as you think. I for one do not think the official BMI (Body Mass Index) chart that you see at your physicians office is all that accurate or practical. It really doesn’t take in to account all the different body types. If I weighed what that chart says I should I would look like a walking skeleton. A few years ago I was going through some personal challenges and lost enough weight to get down to that so called ideal weight. I actually looked very ill. I didn’t feel healthy. Lets not get carried away here. Most of us remember a weight that we felt good at when we felt we were in decent shape. Many people today fall in the 20-40 lbs. overweight range, and those that are considered morbidly obese are 100 lbs. or more over there ideal weight.

2. What does an average weeks food selections look like? Be truthful. Yes, I know you are tired after work and don’t always feel like cooking, but there are a lot of easy meals and snacks that take little time and effort but are both delicious and healthy. Many can be prepared ahead of time and frozen so all you have to do is reheat. This is an area that I think can really change you life for the better.

3. How much exercise do I do weekly? This statement assumes you are doing at least some. Exercise does not have to be lifting weights and doing aerobics at the gym to maintain a healthy body. Do you walk a lot during the day in conjunction with your job, do yard work, heavy lifting, or other activities related to your everyday life? These do count. However, if you are like most people and have a fairly sedentary job and you sit around watching TV when you get home, you are probably not getting the exercise you need to get you to a new point of health in your life.

4. What bad health habits do I currently practice and am I willing to do what it takes to get rid of them? Naturally if you continue to practice bad health habits, you will not get healthy. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that. There is not one example that smoking will make you healthier. That’s just a fact. Lounging on the couch for long periods of time watching TV and doing no exercise will not make you healthy. Just another proven fact. Eating unhealthy foods and drinking products high in sugar are sure fire ways to triggering the onset of chronic diseases.

5. Where do I want to end up? This is a question only you can answer. Let’s just say if you have read this far you have some interest in changing parts of your lifestyle because you are not happy with your current state of health.

It’s Decision Time

Healthy Eating Options

healthy eating options
what are some healthy options to cook for dinner?

my boyfriend and i aren’t fish eaters but we want to eat healthier at home. we both work all day and don’t get home until after 6 im looking for healthy easy and satisfying any ideas?



If you want to think healthy, then think veggies and fruits and lean protein, beans and nuts. Use mono-saturated fats like olive oil, nuts, avocados as well. If you need quick things to make, do things like cook chicken breasts one night and cook enough for leftovers that you can use for a stir fry another night or burritos, or top a salad. Look on allrecipes.com. They have plenty of great recipes. When you prepare cook make extra of everything so that you will have left over items.
You can prepare veggies ahead of time and keep them in plastic containers for the week. I sometimes by rotisserie chicken and use it for totilla soup, or some other type of soup and then use the bones to make a great chicken broth that you can use in so many recipes. Just add veggies and you have a great soup. Hope this helps. Barb

FITBODY TV – Julie Lohre – Healthy Eating Options

Sometimes we just need to look at what is important to us as far as our health and fitness goals.

Healthy Eating Tips For Thanksgiving

healthy eating tips for thanksgiving
I kind of want to enjoy THANKSGIVING? advice?

i have a big family get together for lunch and dinner. I know there will be alot of unhealthy foods…turkey with gravy, ham, stuffing, casseroles, desserts, mashed potatoes with cream and butter, even the fruit salad has added sugar!!!! im not sure what will even be “healthy!” I was planning to eat a good filling low calorie healthy breakfast, then a snack before lunch, so i can fill up with out eating a ton at lunch, then at dinner eat light, and enjoy maybe a dessert, but I dont know…if even the regular foods are high in calorie, should i skip dessert altogether? I know one day wont really matter, but it really does frusterate me!! what would be the best choices? worst foods to avoid? tips? thanks!

Eat everything you want plus dessert. One meal never hurt anybody.

Healthy Cooking : Dieting Tips for Thanksgiving

Health And Fitness Lifestyle

health and fitness lifestyle
Fitness Technology Goes Social
Like a lot of people, Kenny Thompson had trouble balancing a 40-plus-hour job with a fitness regimen. The 34-year-old food-market manager, a resident of Morristown, New Jersey, used to work out regularly when he was younger, but over the past couple of years he had become more inactive. Recently that all changed, thanks to his Xbox 360 Kinect add-on and a game called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Health And Fitness Research

health and fitness research
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Investigator Receives $100,000 Grant From NFL Charities
“Catastrophic muscle breakdown in African American men with sickle cell trait is the leading cause of death in NCAA football players in the last decade,” said John Wood, MD, PhD, researcher at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and associate professor at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. Dr. Wood, director of Cardiovascular …
An Army Physical Fitness and Research Institute introduction

Healthy Eating Tips For Teenagers

healthy eating tips for teenagers
How to lose a bit of weight and eat healthy?

I’m a teenager and i weigh 105 and i’m 5’8. I’m starting to gain a little bit of weight. I’m homeschooled so i don’t get much excerise… Also, i’m lactose intolerant. What’s some healthy meals for breakfast and lunch with little or no milk? Also, i dont like to drink water.. i don’t drink it at all.. what’s some tips there too?


Drink things with water in them. A good balance of water is healthy for everything. if possible drink more water. I get brita water filters because I can’t stand the taste of my tap water. Eat something, it doesn’t even matter what really, for breakfast I’d suggest something with a good amount of carbs like oatmeal or toast.  If you eat more carbs for breakfast it is less likely you will feel the need to eat a lot of them later. if possible also eat proteins like eggs or cheese for breakfast, proteins will keep you awake and alert. For lunch have fewer carbs but eat something with protein, some carbs, and a good amount of vegetables. Do not overeat proteins if they aren’t used to build and rebuild muscle they are used to create fat. Chewing gum during the day it has been proven to reduce food cravings. This is a more balanced way to eat and if you are healthy you should maintain your weight.

Healthy Eating Tips : How to Teach Teenagers to Eat Healthy

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