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Coenzyme Q10-A Critical Element In Many Health Conditions

Coenzyme Q10 plays a role in many health conditions but is especially critical to cardiovascular health.

Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to be a critical element in many health conditions but particularly for cardiovascular health. It is extremely important to get enough CoQ10 in your diet or to supplement it if necessary.  An important note is that CoQ10 is inhibited by statin drugs that are supposedly prescribed to improve cardiovascular health.  Be aware if you are taking any type of statin drug, you should most likely be taking CoQ10 supplements to protect your heart health.


Conflicts Arise Between Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Preventative measures to avoid type 2 diabetes vs. drug treatment

When it concerns health service in the United States, there
really are a lot of considerations at play. Pharmaceutical
companies invest big money, in the area of two hundred million
lobbying the government to certify their products.

Disease Prevention Tips

disease prevention tips
Does any0ne have any cures , remedies ,prevention tips for FMF DISEASE ?


It’s genetic, related to a defect on the short arm of chromosome 16.

There is no cure or prevention at this time, merely treatment of the symptoms, which include “recurrent attacks of fever and acute inflammation of the membranes that line the abdominal cavity (peritonitis) and/or the lungs (pleuritis); pain and swelling of the joints (arthritis); and/or the heart (pericarditis) and, in some cases, skin rashes. In addition, some affected individuals may experience a serious complication known as amyloidosis, which is characterized by abnormal accumulation of a fatty-like substance (amyloid) in various parts of the body. If amyloid accumulates in the kidneys (renal amyloidosis), kidney function may be impaired and life-threatening complications may occur.”

Disease Prevention Strategies

disease prevention strategiesCardiovasular disease or heart disease is still the number one killer of men and women in this country  today.
Of course with the use of a proper diet and a good exercise program it is both reversible and preventable which should give many people hope.

Most chronic disease we see in America and other parts of the developed world are caused by poor diet choices and lack of regular exercise. Take a look at both the information from the AHA below and the video that discuss prevention .  Take a look here to find a healthy strategy for you to get fit and healthy.

l recommend you look at the american heart association’s (AHA) website. Below is a link that takes you to a page with some helpful information and tips about prevention.

American Heart Association


Heart Disease Prevention (Part 1)

Disease Prevention For Kids

disease prevention for kids
Should Sex Education be taught in school?

I was wondering if Sex Ed is really helping the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. And why if teens are learning about HIV/AIDS and STDs are there still so many of people transmitting the diseases. Isn’t Sex Ed supposed to help?

I am starting to think that Sex Ed is just there to inform teens of sex and how you CAN protect yourself but I don’t think many teens are getting the big picture that abstinence is your best way to protect yourself. And I really don’t think kids in high school really want to learn about it either. I myself didn’t care for it.

What are your thoughts on Sex Ed and should it be taught in school?
I think it all depends on the parents because I don’t think kids are going to listen to a teacher who they’ll probably never talk to again after the semester. Parents are the key I think.

From what I’ve seen and read…the teachers are already giving their students “hands on” instruction in sex education.

Lyme Disease in children …an epidemic! TEAM LYME fights to support kids with lyme

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