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What’s a good regimen to get back in gear for college?

My 2nd year of college is starting back up in three weeks. I feel pretty sluggish and unmotivated for study, work, and exercise… This is a terrible prospect… Any ideas for a stringent regime to get me back on my feet and ready to tackle the new year? (tips for studying motivation, exercise, good diet, etc… will all be welcome.) Thanks!



Get out of the house. Go on a walk in the morning. Prepare a bag lunch and walk to the library. Look into volunteer projects that you can take on for the next week or two. It will make you feel good and give you energy. A good site is

Health And Fitness Over 50

It is very important as we age to try to maintain flexibility and strength in our muscles for many reasons. One is that it just plain makes us feel better and allows us more ease of movement.  More importantly, however, by maintaining muscle tone we also can improve balance and the ability to carry out many just plain routine activities we do everyday like reaching for items in the cupboard or getting in and out of an automobile.

It is also important from a standpoint of chronic disease prevention and just our general health. Staying what I term “in shape” adds both physical strength and a better overall feeling of being in control of your destiny.  Nothing says that just because we are getting older we still can’t participate in many aspects of life we did at a younger age, maybe not quite to the same degree, but we don’t have to relegate ourselves to rocking on the front porch either.

Below you will find a video with a stretching program that is quite appropriate for the over 50 set.

Right here you will find a link to a program that has a strength building program designed specifically for people over the age of 50 that will allow them to keep all the major muscle groups toned up with a simple 35 minute workout that can be done right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Click here to get more info on the strength building program.

Fitness for the over 50’s – Increase Flexibility

Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions About Your Current Health Status

What is your current health status?

Come on, be honest with yourself. If you don’t admit where you are now, how will you know where you want to be?

Let’s answer some questions that can help you with our starting point.

1. How many pounds am I over my ideal weight? Now folks, this may not be quite as bad as you think. I for one do not think the official BMI (Body Mass Index) chart that you see at your physicians office is all that accurate or practical. It really doesn’t take in to account all the different body types. If I weighed what that chart says I should I would look like a walking skeleton. A few years ago I was going through some personal challenges and lost enough weight to get down to that so called ideal weight. I actually looked very ill. I didn’t feel healthy. Lets not get carried away here. Most of us remember a weight that we felt good at when we felt we were in decent shape. Many people today fall in the 20-40 lbs. overweight range, and those that are considered morbidly obese are 100 lbs. or more over there ideal weight.

2. What does an average weeks food selections look like? Be truthful. Yes, I know you are tired after work and don’t always feel like cooking, but there are a lot of easy meals and snacks that take little time and effort but are both delicious and healthy. Many can be prepared ahead of time and frozen so all you have to do is reheat. This is an area that I think can really change you life for the better.

3. How much exercise do I do weekly? This statement assumes you are doing at least some. Exercise does not have to be lifting weights and doing aerobics at the gym to maintain a healthy body. Do you walk a lot during the day in conjunction with your job, do yard work, heavy lifting, or other activities related to your everyday life? These do count. However, if you are like most people and have a fairly sedentary job and you sit around watching TV when you get home, you are probably not getting the exercise you need to get you to a new point of health in your life.

4. What bad health habits do I currently practice and am I willing to do what it takes to get rid of them? Naturally if you continue to practice bad health habits, you will not get healthy. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that. There is not one example that smoking will make you healthier. That’s just a fact. Lounging on the couch for long periods of time watching TV and doing no exercise will not make you healthy. Just another proven fact. Eating unhealthy foods and drinking products high in sugar are sure fire ways to triggering the onset of chronic diseases.

5. Where do I want to end up? This is a question only you can answer. Let’s just say if you have read this far you have some interest in changing parts of your lifestyle because you are not happy with your current state of health.

It’s Decision Time

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