Build Muscle Strength By Having A Spinach Salad

Building muscle strength goes beyond lifting weights or resistance training.  

When you want to build muscle strength it isn’t all about going to the gym and lifting weights.  What we eat and the types of food we eat are an important part of not only muscle growth but our over all health and nutrition.  Many of the leafy greens are great additions to our meals and can have very beneficial effects.  Take a look at what Dr. Murray Feingold has to say about spinach.

Popeyes Advice to Eat Your Spinach Help Build Muscle Strength

Remember Popeye’s song, “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. I’m strong to the finich cause I eats my spinach. I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.”
Apparently, the word “finich” is Popeye’s way of saying finish, plus, it rhymes with spinach. And a recent study indicates that Popeye may have known what he was talking about concerning the possibility that spinach can make you stronger.
In the past, some people believed that the reason spinach could make an individual stronger was because it contained iron. However, it appears that it is not the iron but the nitrates, also present in spinach, that are responsible.


In the study, two groups of mice were evaluated. One group was fed nitrates and the other was not.

healthy eating

Spinach, breakfast of champions

Then the muscles of both groups of mice were examined. Results showed that the muscles of the nitrate mice were much stronger than those of the non-nitrate mice.
The scientists also discovered that the nitrate mice had increased levels of two proteins present in muscles. These muscle proteins are involved with calcium and muscle contractions. As nitrate consumption increased, the proteins increased, as did the number of muscle contractions. This resulted in stronger muscles.

Here’s some more information for eating a healthy diet.

So when it comes to building muscle strength, don’t forget to “eat your spinach”.  You can put it in salads, or top off your sandwich with it. Put some in your omelet.   Throw some in your smoothie.  Just be creative.

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