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Exercise Workout Plan Has A Huge Effect

Having an effective exercise workout plan is essential for success.

An exercise plan can take many different paths but get to the same goal. Some people enjoy running or swimming while others would prefer to lift weights use the exercise machines.  

The key to having an overall workout plan is to make sure you include both strength training and cardio workouts. Whether you do them on alternate days or you like to put them together is not as important as making sure you do them on a consistent basis.

Another Side Of The Herbal Story, What Do Herbs Look Like?

The world is a much better place with herbs and spices.

I read this post from Michael Brown and just had to share it with you. He puts such a new perspective on herbs and makes you realize the real value they have in our lives. He also gives us some nice resources to look up if we would like to learn a little more about these wonderful products we sometimes just take for granted as they sit on our spice rack. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


Tips For Getting the Most Benefits During Your Gym Time

Meeting your goal to remain healthy and fit does not require a gym or health club membership.

There are lots of physical fitness exercises that can be done right in the comfort of your own home.  In some cases just using a resistance cord and a few weights can provide you with all the equipment you need.  Body weight exercises are also a viable alternative to using machines and barbells to achieve the results many of us are looking for.

Healthy Eating Tips For Thanksgiving

healthy eating tips for thanksgiving
I kind of want to enjoy THANKSGIVING? Advice?

I have a big family get together for lunch and dinner. I know there will be a lot of unhealthy foods…turkey with gravy, ham, stuffing, casseroles, desserts, mashed potatoes with cream and butter, even the fruit salad has added sugar!!!! I’m not sure what will even be “healthy”!

Healthy Eating On The Run

healthy eating on the run
Bursts of high-intensity exercise will help knock out stress
Knowing that a 30-minute workout nets more positive results than an hour-long session should be good news, as lack of time is the No. 1 excuse people use for not doing things that are healthy.

Disease Prevention Strategies

disease prevention strategies

Disease Prevention Strategies are Critical in This Time of Escalating Health Care Costs

Cardiovasular disease or heart disease is still the number one killer of men and women in this country today. Of course with the use of a proper diet and a good exercise program, it is both reversible and preventable which should give many people hope.

Healthy Eating Out

healthy eating out
Eating right from young
IT WAS one of my proudest moments – allowing my daughters the option to choose any food at the local food markets where special chocolates and cakes, nuts and sugary snacks abound, and each of them choosing one red capsicum each to enjoy instead.

Healthy Eating Options

healthy eating options
What are some healthy options to cook for dinner?

my boyfriend and i aren’t fish eaters but we want to eat healthier at home. we both work all day and don’t get home until after 6 pm looking for healthy easy and satisfying any ideas?


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