Conflicts Arise Between Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Preventative measures to avoid type 2 diabetes vs. drug treatment

When it concerns health service in the United States, there
really are a lot of considerations at play. Pharmaceutical
companies invest big money, in the area of two hundred million
lobbying the government to certify their products.

Forty-eight percent of Americans are swallowing some form of
prescription drug. 90% of seniors are taking at least one
prescription drug per month. Is America genuinely that sickly?

Docs prescribe drugs to individuals, and these prescriptions
effectively result in paying their income. Scientists strive
to see what works and what won’t. An engaging question, on the
other hand, is whether these parties have your best
interest at heart.

Diabetes research focuses too much on treatment not enough on prevention.

Scientists at Duke University concluded that diabetes research
focuses on treatment options a lot more than prevention, meaning
that rather than focusing on actions people can serve to help
themselves, researchers are mainly concentrated on what may be
done after diagnosis. At this time, there is very little that you
can possibly do aside from shell out money for a drug.
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The Duke University scientists also bring up the case that
seniors and small children are frequently ignored in the
research technique. The truth is that such groups could gain
greatly if further work was focused on preventive measures
and disease management, rather than just treatment.

The Diabetes Prevention Program shows cost efficient ways

for prevention

With rising healthcare costs and limited resources, Americans
have a lot to gain by working on prevention. From a payer’s
viewpoint, research from The Diabetes Prevention Program reveals
a preventative way of life as a cost-efficient way to prevent
type 2 diabetes.

Over a 10-year period, the expense of a preventative way
of life versus the prescription drug metformin was slightly
higher, but there are a few factors that call for further
points to consider.

For starters, this study took a look at adults who showed
high-risk for type 2 diabetes. It overlooked seniors and
children. This is important simply because seniors are regularly
strained with the cost of other prescription drugs to manage
health issues.

By merely looking at the cost of metformin, the study neglected
to take into account the various other medications a person
might be on. Diabetes is similarly very closely associated with
being overweight, which can lead to a lot of other illnesses
requiring medication, including pills for heart disease.

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A physicians view of diabetes prevention.
This may not be the most dynamic video, but Dr. Ong gives you a very thorough
overview of diabetes from what it is, to what are some of the symptoms, to
how to prevent it in a very short concise video. Take a look.

Positive lifestyle changes can have success preventing type 2 diabetes

During the first three years, lifestyle turned out as being a
far more reliable strategy for preventing diabetes. The patients
who embraced a preventative lifestyle saw the incidence of
type 2 diabetes drop by 58 %, whereas those people who took
metformin only saw a three percent drop in occurrence.

Part of the reason there is such a focus on managing chronic
conditions like diabetes with drugs as opposed to encouraging
lifestyle changes is the money that’s at stake. For instance,
pharmaceutical industry watchdog Drugwatch publishes that
whereas America has only five percent of the world’s people,
it supplies 34 % of the cash used on prescriptions.

At the end of the day, prescription drugs are a huge component
of the American economy. That’s why the large pharmaceutical
companies pay 1,100 lobbyists to coax lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

It’s  possible that the healthcare operation in
America is working against you. But that does not mean you
have to let it win. There are many foods to eat to prevent diabetes.

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Talk with your doctor about the diabetes
preventative steps you can take to boost your health.

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