Resistance Exercise Workouts At Home

exercise workouts home

Who says you have to go to the gym to get exercise workouts.

There are a lot of great workouts you can do right at home.  One of the best is to use what are called body weight exercises.  It’s really nothing more than using the weight of your own body as the resistance exercise rather than lifting weights or pulling on a resistance cord.

home fitness equipment

Some of these exercises are pushups, pull-ups, and squats.  In fact, you can find ways to build muscle for each of your major muscle groups with these types of exercises.  Sometimes just having a bit of simple home exercise equipment like a couple of hand weights, a resistance cord, and a balance ball will help as well.

Advantages of being able to do body weight exercises at home rather than going to the health club.

Another great feature of being able to do your exercise workouts at home is the time you will save without having to commute to the gym. We often hear the excuse of not having enough time as to why people don’t exercise regularly. Being able to perform those exercises at home hopefully takes some of that excuse away.

There is, of course, the cost of the health club membership to consider as well. Without that cost and then, of course, thinking you have to have the latest great workout clothes, you can maybe afford to purchase a few basic items to use at home. You also can get by with some rather basic workout clothes like a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt.

To really make that body shine, how about getting some six pack abs.

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