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Fitness Plans For Women

Fitness plans for women are numerous but can have some of the same structure in each of them.

Ladies, for this post I have included a total weight-loss, fat-loss, and fitness plan of action for you to be guided by in order to achieve the best shape possible! Now to be direct, I am not intending to supply you a “workout plan,” but instead give you a framework of procedures to abide by and apply to the format of your exercise program.

Always remember, to be effective is to not fritter away time. So as to achieve a maximum standard of fitness and to knock off those love handles you have got to be efficient in your training. One way to guarantee this is to always keep moving during your workout.  healthy exercise

In order to keep moving in the course of your workout make certain to incorporate super-sets. A super-set is whereby you execute a set or timed round of one exercise and afterwards directly without rest shift into a different exercise. An illustration of this would be to complete a set of push-ups and then promptly leap to your feet to undertake a set of squats!

Another useful rule to look into for speeding up your fat-loss campaign is to take part in multi-joint lifts or exercises in lieu of single-joint lifts. An illustration of a single-joint lift would be a leg extension.

The only joint moving during this exercise is the knee joint. As a result of this the quadricep (your thigh) is more isolated and is limited from having to incorporate other individual muscles in your legs namely your glutes (butt) and hamstrings (muscles that run from your butt to the rear of your knee).

As an alternative to engaging in lifts such as a leg extension to strengthen your legs conduct lifts such as kettlebell swings, squats, or deadlifts. These are multi-joint lifts (with both the hip and knee carrying out the action) and gets those additional muscles that I talked about as being ignored in the leg extension operating with this movement.

This will help you to realize an increased degree of strength and get you into a fat-burning phase a lot sooner! Train hard ladies and reap the benefits.

Speed up your fitness plan and fat loss by practicing some of these exercise workouts.

Instead of engaging in lifts such as a leg extension to strengthen your legs perform lifts such as kettlebell swings, squats, or deadlifts. These are multi-joint lifts (with both the hip and knee performing the action) and gets those other muscles that I mentioned as being neglected in the leg extension performing in this movement. This will help you to achieve a greater level of strength and get you into a fat-burning stage a lot quicker!

Train hard ladies and enjoy.

As you can tell, these ideas are geared a little more for the younger generations. I have created a couple of fitness programs for seniors ¬†primarily for people over the age of 50, however if you are just beginning an exercise program at any age, these programs could be a great way to get you into shape and keep you there. The first one is called Firm It Up Baby Boomers and is primarily a stretch and exercise program. It is designed for people who have not exercised in some time and are just looking to get back into exercising but don’t want anything too strenuous. ¬†Click here to get more information about these programs now.

The second program in more intermediate level and is called Shape It Up Baby Boomers Using Resistance Band. It is an exercise program that uses a resistance band to exercise all the major muscle groups in the body including arms, chest, back, the core region of the body, and legs. It runs about 38 minutes long and is designed to help get people into good physical shape and firm up those muscles. This helps with balance and lifting without causing injuries. Click here to get all the details..

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