Health And Fitness Over 50

Maintaining Flexibility and Muscle Tone Are Critical to a Healthy Life After Age 50

It is very important as we age to try to maintain flexibility and strength in our muscles for many reasons. One is that it just plain makes us feel better and allows us more ease of movement.  More importantly, however, by maintaining muscle tone we also can improve balance and the ability to carry out many just plain routine activities we do every day like reaching for items in the cupboard or getting in and out of an automobile.

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exercise programstrength building program

It is also important from a standpoint of chronic disease prevention and just our general health. Staying what I term “in shape” adds both physical strength and a better overall feeling of being in control of your destiny.  Nothing says that just because we are getting older we still can’t participate in many aspects of life we did at a younger age, maybe not quite to the same degree, but we don’t have to relegate ourselves to rocking on the front porch either.

A Strength Building Program is Also Crucial for Balance and to Prevent Falls

Right here you will find a link to a program that has a strength building program designed specifically for people over the age of 50 that will allow them to keep all the major muscle groups toned up with a simple 35-minute workout that can be done right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Click here to get more info on the strength building program.

Fitness for the over 50’s – Increase Flexibility

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