Healthy Eating Tips For Teenagers

healthy eating tips for teenagers
How to lose a bit of weight and eat healthy?

I’m a teenager and I weigh 105 and I’m 5’8″. I’m starting to gain a little bit of weight. I’m homeschooled so I don’t get much exercise. Also, I’m lactose intolerant. What are some healthy meals for breakfast and lunch with little or no milk? Also, I don’t like to drink water. I don’t drink it at all. What are some tips there too?

Drink things with water in them. A good balance of water is healthy for everything. If possible drink more water. Add some lemon or lime to it for flavor.  I get Brita water filters because I can’t stand the taste of my tap water. Eat something, it doesn’t even matter what really, for breakfast I’d suggest something with a good amount of carbs like oatmeal or toast.  If you eat more carbs for breakfast it is less likely you will feel the need to eat a lot of them later. If possible also eat proteins like eggs or cheese for breakfast. Proteins will keep you awake and alert.

breakfast protein

For lunch have fewer carbs but eat something with protein, some carbs, and a good amount of vegetables. Do not overeat proteins. If they aren’t being used to build and rebuild muscle, they are used to create fat. Getting some exercise is critical no matter what age. At the very least, go for a long walk. Learn a little about body weight type exercises that don’t need any special equipment. This will ensure the protein is, therefore, building muscle and not going to fat. Exercising should become a lifelong habit so no better time to start. Chewing gum during the day has been proven to reduce food cravings. This is a more balanced way to eat and if you are healthy you should maintain your weight.

Healthy Eating Tips : How to Teach Teenagers to Eat Healthy

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