Healthy Eating Tips For Thanksgiving

healthy eating tips for thanksgiving
I kind of want to enjoy THANKSGIVING? Advice?

I have a big family get together for lunch and dinner. I know there will be a lot of unhealthy foods…turkey with gravy, ham, stuffing, casseroles, desserts, mashed potatoes with cream and butter, even the fruit salad has added sugar!!!! I’m not sure what will even be “healthy”!

I was planning to eat a good filling low-calorie healthy breakfast, then a snack before lunch, so I can fill up without eating a ton at lunch, then at dinner eat light, and enjoy maybe a dessert, but I don’t know…if even the regular foods are high in calories, should I skip dessert altogether? I know one day won’t really matter, but it really does frustrate me!! What would be the best choices? Worst foods to avoid? Tips? Thanks!

Eat everything you want plus dessert. One meal never hurt anybody. Just eat small portions of the things you want. Eat slowly, and enjoy the great flavors. A lot of the foods mentioned above are really not all that bad. First of all turkey is a very healthy source of lean protein and just skip the gravy. Even many hams are quite lean today. Most of the time you have a choice of potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Chose the sweet potatoes. Much healthier.

thanksgiving dinner

Enjoy and be thankful!


Healthy Cooking : Dieting Tips for Thanksgiving

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