Juicing–Drink Your Way To A Healthy Weight And Life

Juicing will make getting your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables a cinch.

Eating a healthy diet including many fruits and vegetables is not rocket science, and juicing can make it easier. I think we all know that for as long as we have been reading about healthy eating, the top recommendation is to eat more fruits and vegetables and much less processed food. Statistics show that well over 60% of the food Americans eat today is processed or fast food. That is a recipe for sickness and premature death.

Then why don’t we do it? One of the reasons I think is because we are told to eat 5-7 servings of both fruits and vegetables every day. I don’t know about you, but for all practical purposes that is a difficult thing to do and involves a lot of food.


There is a simpler way to achieve health and fitness through juicing.


Take a look at the video below to see how effective juicing saved one man’s life and started him on a road to a much healthier lifestyle.



Juicing concentrates the life giving nutrients into a simple drinkable form for maximum nutrition.

Juicing is simply a way of concentrating many of the nutrients found in these fruits and vegetables into a liquid form that is easy to consume. We can either drink the juice directly or add it to other foods. If you don’t like the taste of some vegetable juices, then add it to a fruit smoothie and you will taste mostly the sweet taste of the fruit.

fruit smoothie

The health and fitness benefits of starting a juicing program as part of your overall diet are multiple. Not only will you experience weight loss, but you can even reverse and/or prevent some chronic disease conditions. You will see improvements to your skin and an overall increase in energy. If you are plagued with any chronic digestion problems or intestinal challenges, you will most likely see improvements there as well.

Even the juicing roughage has lots of nutrition health benefits.

Let’s not overlook the roughage produced with the juicer as well. There are lots of hidden nutrients lurking in that green gob. Same as with the juice component, use it in smoothies or find ways to add it to other meal choices. If you still like your hamburger, for instance, mix a little in with it to take advantage of the health benefits. Another use would be adding it to soups for additional flavor or thickening. These are simple ways to help convert to a healthy diet.

juicing for health

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