So you're looking for an exercise program that will help you get back into shape!  This moderate level program was specifically designed to do just that for just about anyone of any age. Listen to the short video to find out the details.

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Current price is $39.97 includes 4 FREE bonuses valued at $80!

Bonus #1 Cooking Up Health Cookbook

This healthy meals cookbook has recipes for soups, chilis, salads and dips, main course meals, and even some desserts. Not only are they healthy, they taste great too!

healthy eating

Bonus #2 5 Health Tips

This report covers some topics such as some foods to avoid because of the damage they can do to you as well as some foods that will make you much healthier.

healthy eating

Bonus #3 Healthy Skin Report

This healthy skin report covers a load of topics about caring for your skin. From the best nutrients for healthy skin, to home made masks and facials, exfoliants, and other skin conditioners.

skin care

Bonus #4 Anti-Aging Guide

This report is loaded with good information about your changing needs as you age, to a beauty and skin care regimen, to the importance of watching your weight and much more.

healthy exercise

Here is the Amazon banner link for a resistance cord. Just click on the banner to be taken to Amazon. I chose this vendor because they had a nice selection of resistance strengths. Since I think my customers will range widely in ability, I wanted to give you the best customized selection available and a quality product as well. My recommendation is for men, the black cord, heavy, 15-20 lbs resistance, for women the green, medium, 10-12 lbs resistance, or the blue, lite, 4-6 lbs resistance. I have put a copy of the guide down below as well for your inspection. If you are a large man and strong, you could go up to the red color.

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