Total Health and Fitness As Defined By You

Your health and fitness will be defined by how committed you are to making improvements in your health.

Total health and fitness will have a different definition for each person.  It will be influenced by your current health state as well as what your goals are concerning getting healthier and more fit.  It certainly will also be defined by just how committed you are to making improvements or maintaining a healthy body.  Each of us has to decide the importance and priorities we assign to this part of our lives because we are all faced with the challenges that get in the way of us achieving goals we set for ourselves.

Reaching and Maintaining a State of Health and Fitness Will Be Challenged by the “Time” Factor

Our lives are already so busy. Time is the biggest factor in Americans’ struggle with the obesity epidemic. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to eat, let alone consider adding time to exercise. Consider the McDonald’s drive-thru completely wrapped around at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Families struggle even more with the “T” word because of their children’s obligations that often fill up their nights after a long day at work. The result: our world is fat. Fat IS such a harsh word, but obesity, the technical term doesn’t seem to convey the severity of the situation. Weight is a struggle for so many. Constantly, there are advertisements for various fast food chains trying to help fill our bellies with lots of food, for little money, in what parents hope to be even less amount of time. Let’s think about life. Do you feel FIT?

This video reinforces these ideas by giving you some health fitness tips, especially as we look at it from an aging perspective.

Let’s Define Healthy and Fit For You
Before you answer if you are fit, the definition should be clear. Being fit doesn’t mean you’re a size x (fill in the blank of an unrealistic size for you). Fit doesn’t necessarily mean completely flat tummy or no trouble areas. Oh, and fit isn’t airbrushed. We have flaws regardless of how fit we are.
I believe fit means that you’re taking care of your body—exercising and feeding your body what it needs. Fit can mean something different for each person and I believe it is an ever evolving word. Define your own fit, realistically. Each of us are shaped differently and we all have unique genes too. Some of us have great genes, and others may not be so lucky. Personally, I thank my Dad for my genes. Specifically, my high cholesterol, flat feet, and irregular growing eyebrows.
The most important fit factor is how you look at yourself and what you do about pursuing the idea of being fit. Be realistic. Dig deep. You’re awesome!! Fit is a lifetime commitment because it is easy to be…well, not fit. Just look around and see the food choices surrounding you. The option to sit on your bum and watch television all night. You have to make an active choice to choose what is best for your body.
Here’s a simple way to breakdown FIT and begin your journey: F-ood, I-nspiration, T-ime to move.
As you can see, total health and fitness are somewhat defined by you.  Think about it, read about it, but most importantly take action to get there.  Ask someone close to you to help motivate and inspire you.  Get an exercise partner.  If you will continue to come back to my blog I will do my best to keep giving you information that will also help you on your journey.  Go for it!   If you are interested in reading the rest of the original article, you can click here to get there.


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